Fusing Philosophy and Design: Designer’s Atelier

We recently interviewed Dagmar Holub, the designer behind Designer’s Atelier, about her work as a Philosophy designer and her latest Kaleidoscope collection in collaboration with textile designer Ewelina Mlynarek.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did your interest in design start?

My name is Dagmar Holub and I’m a Philosophy Designer/ Founder of Designer’s Atelier.

From a very young age I had an appreciation for beauty and would pay attention to my surroundings but it was a heartbreak that set off a chain of events that was to alter the course of my life. Finding myself newly single on the property buyers’ market I decided to purchase an apartment in the heart of Bratislava’s old town which took my own journey of self-exploration to the very next level.

I loved the process of transforming MY own space in MY own image and it was this project that triggered a career change which resulted in me signing up for an open plan diploma course in interior design and decoration with KLC School of Design, London.

Before starting your work in interior design. You studied History and Philosophy. How does your degree influence your work?

Since working in the interior design industry I have observed that clients who couldn’t make up their mind and kept chopping and changing weren’t that clear on who they are. As a designer, I use my background in humanities to connect the design with the individual through colour, texture, pattern, and form so the result is an evocative personal reflection of the individual.

For me each project is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation as it is dictated by my clients. I ask clients to go into their wardrobe and look at what they wear. What they feel good in wearing they are going to feel great surrounding themselves with as our environment serves as a further extension. Every client teaches me something new and brings something different to the table, design is a collaborative effort!

You’ve been recognised for your interior design, winning in different design competitions. What triggered the launch of The Kaleidoscope Collection?

I was really drawn to Ewelina’s complex kaleidoscopic imagery as it spoke to me on many different levels. The kaleidoscope transcends language, culture and trends. Its patterns and colours are infinite, representing boldness and dynamism, which are the cornerstones for The Kaleidoscope Collection blueprint.

No invention, perhaps, ever excited more general attention among all classes of people, than the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope thrived because of its ability to provide variance. We all remember the simple joy of a kaleidoscope from our youth that would stimulate our imagination. Our collection surely brought a smile on people’s faces at Decorex as it reminded them of their own childhood.

The Kaleidoscope Collection also expresses the complexity of being alive which is often a very colourful experience! My brand’s vision is to encourage people to find their ‘way home’ in life whilst maintaining their integrity, kaleidoscope therefore serves as a reminder to see the beauty in our own pattern.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind the patterns of The Kaleidoscope Collection. What do the patterns of The Kaleidoscope Collection represent?

The Kaleidoscope collection was exclusively created for Designer’s Atelier by up-and-coming Textile Designer, Ewelina Mlynarek.

Inspired by Dame Zaha Hadid’s parabolic shapes and Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis, Ewelina playfully used patterns of great complexity and vivid colours reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

Both Ewelina and I admire Alexander McQueen for his theatrical, unrestricted and unpredictable approach to fashion and his vision of beauty, which was never orthodox. The Kaleidoscope collection was inspired by the last collection Alexander McQueen would complete before his death which is widely recognised as one of his finest.

Ewelina also crossed over from architecture to abstract, symmetrical art as a means of expression.

Can you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with textile designer Ewelina Mlynarek?

Ewelina is a creatively unrestricted textile designer with a fashion textile degree from the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester where she specialised in digital print. Her love for Alexander McQueen’s creativity resulted in an internship at his studios where she was noticed for her bespoke fabric hand dying.

Ewelina and I met at Heathrow Airport three years ago when she had just completed her degree in textiles and had an internship under her belt at Alexander McQueen’s studio. Although she was looking for work opportunities, she was not willing to compromise on her design style which was proving a challenge.

Ewelina’s unrestricted creativity paired up with our unique, creative vision, and a sense of what is needed in the market, resulted in collaboration which took exploration of identity and trust to the very next level.

The Kaleidoscope Collection consists of textiles, cushion, wallpaper, tableware and art work. How did you decide on such a variety?

With the Kaleidoscope being about infinite possibilities we got into a playful mode, we produced a variety products to give our clients the freedom to experiment. The potential for these designs is limited only by the imagination of the client.

Our Kaleidoscope collection is theatrical, dynamic and bold, it is a statement maker which will not fail to elicit a response.

How does your collection fit into current trends?

My biggest trend prediction for the years to come is that we start to see through ‘trends’ and instead become more individualistic celebrating our own unique expression. The growing demand for customisation is proof that many people are investing in their individuality but true self-expression is not about having your initials on a custom piece of furniture or clothing.

I see 2017 being a boundary-pushing year for colour and texture in interiors. When designing it is important people go, touch and feel as all our senses are essential when buying for a home, this was especially prevalent on our Decorex stand as many people would come by to stroke our velvet fabric.

Thanks to Ewelina’s love of colour our Spring Kaleidoscope design ironically fits with Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year 2017 and our Summer Kaleidoscope design with tropical prints as it is no secret that interior design experiments with all things tropical this year.

What are your plans for 2017?

My aim for 2017 is to launch ‘The Kaleidoscope Collection’ to the retail sector as well as selling online. Towards the end of the year we will release the autumn and winter kaleidoscope design completing the season cycle.

I am currently writing a book called ‘At Home in One’s Life’, the approach is a highly visual story showcasing the homes and lives of 12 people from the 20th century with unique self-expression profiling the likes of Coco Chanel, Salvador Dali and Mother Teresa. This idea emerged from a monthly meet up group and over the course of a year blossomed into a unique perspective of what it means to be at home in one’s life.



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