Good Reads: November

At In The Window we are all about storytelling, so now it’s time to share some incredible stories we’ve found on the world wide web. As 2016 comes to an end, we reflect on our lives and look forward to what the coming year might hold. This is a collection of a few good reads that have an interesting perspective on the place of design in the world today.

Sherwin Williams, a leading American paint manufacturer, has released four colour forecasts for 2017 based on events and trends from the past year. One of the more intriguing selections is ‘noir’, whose colours are reminiscent of the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Inspired by a collective weariness with the artificial glow emitted by our screens and streetlamps, this wonderfully muted palette celebrates a “mindful melancholy [that] is fueling a new romanticism”.

Image via Decor8
Image via Decor8

Do you ever feel guilty after you buy something? Igor explores the pitfalls and travails of trying to live with a clean conscience in the modern world—how to be a conscious consumerist.

You might have seen a few clever ‘Ikea hacks’ before, but you probably haven’t seen this latest altruistic use of Ikea products. The Ikea Foundation released a flat pack refugee cabin in 2013 as an alternative to the ubiquitous tents used by more than 65 million displaced people. Now they are being turned into everything from health stations and schools to tea salons. If you’re feeling down at the end at the end of 2016 this is a story to restore your faith in humanity.

Image by Dezeen
Image via Dezeen

How is possible to stay creative when you have a busy schedule? There are few enough hours in the day as it is, and inspiration doesn’t feel like something you can pencil in for your lunch break. Creative content studio Stranger Collective’s refreshing solution is to give their employees time away from client work to ‘feed’ their creativity—an approach that is seeing surprising results.

This post takes a look at the innovative methods designers are using to solve everyday problems—like how to live well with no space—and find new ways of living, with a look at modular furniture and the decor of ‘nomadic homes’.

Image via Interiorzine
Image via Interiorzine

Nordic style minimalism has taken the world by storm. One of the key figures behind this has been Danish designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulse, who gives his thoughts on the style and where it is headed in this interview.


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