Vivid Autumn Colours

We’re breathing in the crisp autumn air and enjoying the crunch of fallen leaves. From fiery oranges to plum purples, we also appreciate the season for its spectacularly rich colours. Before long, we’ll be heading into the grey winter, so join us as we admire fall’s vivid palette in this selection of pieces.

autumn leaves wallpaper

eve spencer’s wallpaper evokes an autumn breeze full of rich coloured leaves. Among her collection of nature-themed wallpapers and fabrics this is a highlight.

autumn throw

Made from “luxuriously soft New Zealand lambswool”, this burgundy-coloured throw from Anna-Lisa Smith feels as cosy as it looks.

autumn rug

This luxurious rug by Jan Kath Design is part of a collection that mixes the classic design of oriental carpets with a raw, modernist aesthetic.

autumn rug

The laborious production of Verdi’s rugs begins with extraction of a fibre from fique, a Colombian plant. The fibres are then brushed, dyed, dried, spun, interlaced with metal and wound into cones ready for weaving.

autumn rug

A floral Persian rug is given a cheeky polka-dot update by mineheart. The warm orange dots are “reminiscent of Autumn leaves falling to the ground”.

autumn cushion Greenland

Heralding from Greenland, B Goods’ patterns celebrate the optimism and close community of the Greenlandic people, in spite of the long, dark winters.


Originally made by Textiles of Jamaica, these fabrics onced appeared in homes across Jamaica in the 60s and 70s. However a factory fire in the 80s put an end to the business. Since 2008 Bird in the Hand has been reissuing these classic designs.

autumn blanket

Rugiada Petrelli’s Blanket Mist is inspired by the evanescent beauty of a misty morning. The blanket is made from organic cotton in a non-toxic, non-polluting manufacturing process.

autumn pot

The vessels of the elegant India Collection from Utopia & Utility can be “unstacked” into three separate containers. They are made from Finnish alder wood and Bohemian glass.

autumn sofa

Sir Kenneth Grange and SmithMatthias’ serpentine April sofa is a bright autumnal orange. It is designed to ensure good posture.

autumn try blackbird blackberry

Covered in blackbirds and blackberries Thornback & Peel’s evokes a quintessentially British autumn. You can almost smell the apple and blackberry crumble!

autumn cushions

Vintage Nordic ski sweaters are the inspiration for SEVEN GAUGE STUDIOS‘ textile collection. These cosy blankets and pillows have been knitted from lambswool.

autumn glass

Yorgos Papadopoulos makes art like no-one else: “Glass is my canvas, hammers are my brushes.” His “Golden Frisia Autumn” is deeply influenced by his close affinity with Buddhism.

autumn vases

Multiple layers of glaze are part of the process that gives Violante Lodolo D’Oria’s vases their distinctive look.

autumn cushion West African wax prints

House of Arike’s designs came about after working with traditional West African wax prints. Normally used for clothing, creative director Yemi Onibiyo has incorporated these vibrant and hypnotic designs into her home textile range.


This piece by Anne Mckenzie is designed to interact playfully with natural light. Tawny leaves cover transparent panels, diffusing the light and replicating the experience of looking through a tree’s leaves in the autumn.

autumn rug

The inspiration for BARCELONA RUGS’ latest collection is Els Encants, or “The Old Charms”, the largest and oldest flea market in Barcelona, where hundreds of vendors ply their wares beneath giant mirrored panels.

autumn chess set

This chess set is decorated in warm orange and red for the white pieces, and silver and midnight blue for the black pieces, representing the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon. Purling London’s concept for the set is “courtship, love and seduction. Each move the players make is an act of seduction.”

autumn mirror

These mirrors by Joana Santos Barbosa evoke memories of autumn leaves floating in a lake. The gold-leaf-finished wood of the frames gives way to a beautiful mahogany red at the tips of these beautifully handcrafted pieces.


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