Masculine Minimalism

Formerly a cheese warehouse, when Alexander Nijmolen bought his apartment in 2013 cheap pine covered the floors and the interior was dated—and not in the good way. It has come far since then. In this post we will take a look at the ‘masculine minimalism’ of the apartment, originally featured on Decor8.

You could describe the apartment as eclectic with a minimalist sensibility that unites the different styles, from vintage finds to modern and industrial pieces. Alexander Nijmolen achieves this balance with the use of pale hues, open space, and altogether unobtrusive décor. “I’m selective,” says Alexander, “and strongly believe in the concept ‘less is more’.”

Holly Marder for Decor8
Holly Marder for Decor8

The floors and walls are a sparse white, which contrasts well with the few masculine inflections: the industrial lamp, for example, originally from a German steel plant, which hangs above the dining table, or the cognac leather sofa in the living room. Elements such as these serve to break up the monotony of the white, and act as focal points.

In recreating this look for yourself, you will first need to establish some key minimalist elements. The ‘Lucas’ table by Sika Design has a sleek, simple design, with an interesting, albeit subtle, pattern on the surface. The smart and utilitarian design of the Sofaboard NO3 from Nicholas Oldroyd Design will complement this table well. To add an industrial and slightly masculine touch to the minimalism of these tables, use the ‘Laerdal White’ light by ADITIStudios, whose shabby appearance would look especially good against the cleanliness of the Sofaboard side table. If you want something with a bigger impact, look to moannedesign’s plush Coyoacán sofa. Like Alexander’s sofa, the rich, earthy tones will look great against against paler, minimalist colours, with a slim shape that does not sacrifice the uncluttered aesthetic of the space as a whole.

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