Interview with blogger Ruthie from Design Soda

We interviewed interior design blogger Ruthie from the blog Design Soda. We talked about her blog and her curated labels.

Vintage Eclectic Deco Flea Market Bohemian Living Room
photo Ruthie/Design Soda

Can you tell us more about your blog?

My blog, I think like many others, is my personal idea book. I find that there is so much design that I love and I can become quite saturated in objects and ideas. My blog is a space for me to edit down all the plethora of things that catch my eye to the things that really amaze me. 
My blog is centrally the story of our current apartment’s journey from unloved woodchip to something that I hope is eclectic, chic, homely and scattered with a fair few fleamarket finds. Outside design and interiors the blog focuses on culture and lifestyle pieces within the Capital that interest me.

How did your interest in interiors start? 

My interest in interiors has deep roots. From my childhood I remember the thrill of being able to choose my own wallpaper and headboard (clashing since you ask!) to my teenage bedroom with it’s walls adorned in Cecil Beaton photography, Situationist slogans and filled with upcycled charity shop furniture and floorboards varnished with flecks of glitter! I have always thought that the living environment has a big impact on how you feel. My tastes have evolved enormously during the 7 years since I became a home owner and I find that since I started both blogging and instagramming I find beauty and design all around me. I love flicking through high end interiors magazines or looking at super styled shoots on Pinterest but find that walking through my home city, London, is just as inspirational in sparking ideas for our living space.

We really liked reading your post “The Nursery Project – Ted’s Room”! What inspires you when approaching such a project?

Kids spaces are quite a challenge, there is so much coloured plastic, which in some ways is a necessity, but I didn’t want Teds space to look like an identikit kids room or to be tied to one theme. I wanted to create a space that was free from any lazy or schmaltzy pre-made designs that you can buy as a set and I wanted it to feel like a space that could be grown into, that was versatile and could be customised as my child’s own tastes evolve.

It has a plethora of themes, from tribal Native American to Nordic geometric, via circus’s and industrial vintage with the odd dinosaur thrown in! I think that kids spaces really allow you to go to town on themes, I’m quite glad we didn’t just stick to one. I love Teds story-tent/teepee that talented nanny made us on instruction which I can imagine him playing games of cowboys and Indians in as he grows.

Monochrome grey nursery bedroom clouds arrows ruler yellow chest drawers chevron changing mat - Copyphoto by Ruthie/Design Soda

It was really important to me that Teds nursery didn’t feel too much like a world of babydom as I knew I’d be spending a fair amount of time in there but it had to have baby centred things as well, for example the black and white wall triangles next to the cot which attract the still basic vision of young babies with growing awareness of shape and colour.

I love Rowen & Wren’s bean bags on In The Window, they are definitely on our wish list for the move, the same company make some really swell storage baskets too.

Your selections of windows, stories and products reflect your taste wonderfully. Which story was the most fun to curate?

Ooh that’s a hard one to answer! I love so many of the labels on the site. I am a textile junkie and really love patterns by Rapture & Wright, Melin Tregwynt, Waffle Design; House of Rym. I think if I only chose one story it would have to be Custhom whose work is included in one of your Decorex stories. I have been following their work for a couple of years and think all of their work is just gorgeous and their sense of pattern is unquestionably immense. They use materials in interesting ways, like the woven cross stitch wallpaper on my curation, but also their use of metallics within wallpaper is often astonishingly creative and beautiful. I loved their metallic aged paper at Decorex this year and will soon be investing in one of their throws.

In The Window Custhom Product

We really enjoyed your label “Surfaces” and your profile picture features a lovely chequerboard flooring as well. Is there anything in particular that fascinates you when it comes to surfaces?

Walking into a room with gorgeous surfaces has the power to make your heart skip a beat. It is such a high impact area of design. From wall coverings and flooring to surfaces and trims, authenticity of material married with great design, used in an original way, is at the heart of a well designed space. I, like the rest of the world in 2015, have a passion for patterned encaustic tiles. I follow #ihavethisthingwithfloors on Instagram and to be perfectly honest I often swoon at the patterned tiles I see there. I also love the current trend for marble but am aware that it may not be the most practical surface for family life. We should have a bit more of a budget in the new home we’re moving to so I’m already planning surface choices with chevron flooring, encaustic tiles and new wallpaper, I can’t wait! I’m planning an entry on my favourite surfaces soon…

Design Soda Ruthie Surfaces Label

Discover Ruthie’s curated labels. And also check out her blog post “In The Window”.


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