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We interviewed interior design blogger Valerie from the blog We talked about her blog, her work as a graphic designer and her curated labels.

Can you tell us more about your blog?
Designsetter is an international magazine style blog about design lifestyle and culture. I started the blog when I felt that all which inspires me as a designer needed to be shared in one place, a place which can serve as a community for all those with aesthetic conciousness, who seek inspiration and love to peek behind the thoughts and scenes of design products, places and companies. I try to give my articles an extra research and depth instead of just posting beautiful pictures. When I see a design product or a certain interior, many questions arise in my mind about the visions of the people behind it. All these thoughts and questions and the stories of the design visionaries needed a place to be shared on. And now, thanks to the blogging platforms available, I had a chance to create such digital space of inspiration. Before, I used to collect all the pictures and brochures in folders at home; now, it can be all done electronically and shared. I find blogging as a privilege because of it. Designsetter is also a place where designers can share their thoughts and processes and showcase their products.

Collage by Valerie/designsetter

I feature the work of well-established designers but also find it important to showcase emerging talents, many of whom I feature in the Handmade Design section.

I live in Northern Germany with Scandinavia as our neighbors. We have an easy commute connection, enabling me to visit Scandinavia for inspiration. As a fan of Scandinavian design, you can find it to be a stylistic majority on Designsetter. What I also love about Scandinavian countries is that they are proud of their lifestyle and their design. I wish that the over-humble German designers would also market their design and way of life – this is why I feature interviews and work by German designers in Design made in Germany category on my blog.

What drew you to interiors?
I think that interior design has a big impact on our lives. The spaces in which we work and live create a certain atmosphere which can, when minimalistically composed, bring us many good feelings like comfort, inspiration, a feeling of security and productivity. It’s amazing how different materials combined together can influence an atmosphere. I also love creating with decor accessories different still-life compositions to bring variety to the interiors. Some might ask why one gets design objects for daily life activities like cooking, organizing – but it is exactly those well-designed objects which lift us above the mundane and bring celebration to every day life. I had an interest in interiors since as far as I can remember. I am one of those people who walk into a space and intuitively get ideas about how to decorate it right away.

photos by Valerie/designsetter

Does your interest in interiors inspire your work as a graphic designer?
Yes. Back during my design studies, I had classes where we worked on interior design projects together with students from other design disciplines. For both design fields, the richness of materials plays a big role. In interior design, it may be the warmth of wood in contrast to cold iron elements, marble and brass, etc… and in graphic design, it is the haptic of the paper I choose. Watching interior trends and color combinations also inspires my designs. I am a big fan of clear lines and geometric design – which are trending in interior design at the moment. As we moved to our new home, I wanted to add a personal touch to the interior design, so my first collection of graphic art prints and home accessories such as cushions with typographic messages like “the house is a person’s soul” which I first designed in German. While researching different designers for my blog, I get so happy and inspired to see more and more graphic designers who cross over their designs to interior as well. One of the most beautiful examples for me is Kristina Dam who launched her first interior collection this year, staying true to her style as a graphic designer.
The most exciting design projects which I want for my design studio are those which combine graphic design with interior styling – such as branding and a matching interior styling for retail (boutiques), gastronomy (cafes, restaurants) & hospitality (hotels).

What inspires you?
Nature, especially water – seas and lakes. Quietness. Drawing – especially the feeling of the pencils communicating with the paper’s texture. In design, I love colors, both natural, soft and minimalistic colors, and bold colors like indigo blue. Clean lines and reduced simplicity, craftsmanship and the richness of materials, as well as monochrome black and white design. Like many people, I get inspired when I visit other places, travel, have a change in atmosphere. In German, we call it Tapetenwechsel – literally translated as “changing wallpapers”.

You’ve created a variety of labels. Which one is your favorite?
Decor inspired by nature” and of course “Design Stories

What kind of stories interest you the most?
Stories which tell the visions of the creators behind a design product or a company. I am so happy that one of my favorite minimalist design influencers, MENU by Norm Architects, is featured In The Window. I am a big fan of their work and their philosophy. Their focus on creating mainly for a sake of good design is amazing. Each work they create, whether it’s a teapot or a whole interior concept, have so much soul, purity and high quality in it, that I find it fascinating. I think we are so lucky to have Norm Architects as influencers in contemporary design. Surely their stories are included in my label “Design Stories“.

Discover Valerie’s curated labels.


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  1. […] Back in the days of my design studies, one of my mentoring professors said the words I remember even today “We do not create beautiful design to be just looked at, we tell stories and our visions with it.“. This was one of the reasons for me to establish this blog – to feature the stories behind both the new emerging designs and the well established, design classics. I draw the inspiration and information for the stories from conversations with designers, from visiting events, museums, galleries and surely from selected online sources. I wanted to share with you today one source of inspiration for design stories which I recently discovered as “In The Window“  – a virtual design community asked me to curate on their website. In The Window is an interesting digital environment where you click on a certain design story of a brand or designer and enter it as a window, reading deeper the meaning behind their work. One of the fun features of it is that In The Window platform allows you to engage in conversation with the brand/designer and other curators. This way you don’t just leave the website after reading it, but can engage with it further and go deeper with the information. Designers, architects, stylists can curate at the window by collecting their favorite stories in “Labels“ . I will be presenting you some of my favorite stories from the Labels I curate at In The Window. Stay tuned! They also have recently featured an interview with me. You can read it here. […]

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